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Company profile

The Taxi Poseidon is a set of former freelancers who started operating on 01/04/2013 with the aim of providing a more organized service for passengers in the region of Lavreotiki as a basis.
It consists of a fleet of 16 vehicles and offers services in the surrounding area 24 hours a day . It undertakes transferring people for simple local routes , the implementation of planned routes and taking people sightseeing the many attractions of the country .
The Taxi Poseidon uses modern electronic equipment to monitor calls and to provide wireless Internet access to passengers. Also the electronic application used , enables the driver to be aware of the location of the other cars of Poseidon  and thereby achieve faster call service depending on the location of each driver individually .
Issues such as the common difficulties, the common perspective, collegiality and upgrading services to the requirements of the travelling public was the main motivation for the creation of the taxi Poseidon . However what is decisive of  the success of the operation is consistency and durability and this is what we focus our interest on as members.
We hope to be able to cope with the demands of the times and that you will enjoy with us safe and carefree tracks.