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We undertake your tour to Delphi, upon request, in a one-day trip where you can see and admire the place that was considered to be the center of the earth by the ancient Greeks .

Delphi is located 187km from Athens International Airport (AIA ) and 210km from Lavrio . The city of Delphi was initially inhabited in 4000 BC and became widely known after 1500 BC due to the oracle where Thessalians settled . It was a particularly  famous religious place in antiquity which many locals visited in order to listen to the oracles of Delphi Amphictyony) . The city was abandoned in the 4th century AD after the imperial edict of Theodosius A'.  Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site .
Remarkable monuments of the area are the Temple of Apollo , the Treasury of the Athenians , the Dome of Athena Proneas and the Archaeological Museum of Delphi with important exhibit among others, the Charioteer .
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