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Modern Athens


With our taxis we invite you to find yourself in a new Athens and enjoy your hike through the narrow streets of Plaka which is the old district of Athens and is located at the foot of the Acropolis , with hundreds of small shops and antique stores , to face many build from antiquity , the roman Empire , byzantium and the Ottoman empire
Kolonaki is another famous area , which abuts the Syntagma Square and the western part of the Greek Parliament , with many shops with well-known fashion houses clothing and jewelery , one can find a restaurant with flavors from around the world and generally meet the modern secular Athens
These two districts are just 35 minutes from Athens International Airport and located in the center of the capital.
 A very significant part of the broader area of ​​Athens is the seafront , a track that begins 8.7 km from the center , at the height of the old Hippodrome and a little further west and extends eastwards and southwards to Vouliagmeni and even more by nbspLagonisi . An excellent piece of beach with views to the west , full of summer resorts , restaurants, nightclubs and all the cosmopolitan Athens, which is now also known as the Athenian Riviera .
Our proposal for this part of Athens is the visitor to devote 3-4 hours time to visit the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion in the afternoon by coast which is 68Km distance and return after enjoying the famous sunset at Cape Sounion .


We can take you to the cradle of the Ancient Greek world, the visit to the Acropolis is characterized by many as the ultimate experience and with us you will come closer to the Golden Age of Pericles.

The Sacred Rock of the Acropolis consists of the Propylaea ( 437-432 BC ) , the Temple of Athena Nike ( 426 - 421 B.C. ), the Temple of Artemis Brauron ( mid-6th century BC ) , the Chalkotheke ( 5th century BC ) , the Erechtheion Temple which began being built in 421 B.C. , the Peripatos (walk) a path that surrounds the Acropolis hill about 900 -930 m long and the famous Temple of Parthenon which, apart from being impressive and timeless, it stands out for its perfect construction, both architecturally and aesthetically .

Built by Iktinos and Kallikratis 447 - 438 B.C. in order to pay tribute to  goddess Athena for saving the city and for the Athenian victories over the Persians. A work of art that belongs to a large construction program of Pericles and marks the greatness of the Athenian people at their peak.

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Archaeological Sites

We will gladly take you to a series of archaeological sites worth visiting in Athens , in a two-hour excursion .
The Kallimaro Stadium built in 329 B.C. by Lycurgus for the  Panathinaia Games.It was renovated in 1894 -1896 by George Averof for the first modern Olympic Games. The Olympion temple dedicated to god Zeus , in the same location, one can see the famous Andrianos' Gate , from where the Emperor entered to inaugurate the temple .Keramikosi, the ancient cemetery of Athens from the 11th century BC to the 2nd , century AD , the Roman Forum, the Clock of Andronicus Kyrristou , the pedestrian of Apostle Paul , the Observatory , the municipality Melite , the pedestrian of Dionysius Areopagite etc.
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There are several museums to visit in Athens , but there  are two that stand out as they receive the largest number of visitors, the museum of the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum.

The Acropolis Museum is found as we cross the pedestrian Dionysius Areopagite heading to the Acropolis , and is another piece of the unification of the archaeological sites of Athens located a few hundred meters from the entrance to the Acropolis . The building is designed and crafted by world renowned Franco-Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, founded in 2003 and inaugurated in 2009 . A building that is normally dimensioned so as to house well all the representations of the Parthenon frieze . Ιt was based on three key concepts , movement, light and architecture so that visitors can gain the best possible experience from the 4000 exhibits.
The National Archaeological Museum is located in the Exarcheia area, just four kilometers northwest of the Acropolis and the entrance to the museum is by Patission Street right next to the Metsovion Polytechnic School of Athens .
The museum includes exhibits from all ancient civilizations in Greece , from prehistory up to the Roman period .
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